Descripción del producto

The tyre changer for use in general service shops and tyre shops with high tyre service volume - with pneumatic tilt-back post, 24“ outside clamping capability and smartSpeed technology.

  • Certified by wdk for gentle and user-friendly mounting and demounting of UHP and run-flat tyres in line with OEM specifications

  • With pneumatic mounting tool easymont® pro and plus kit (standard equipment) for handling of UHP and run-flat tyre systems (additional optional adaptors required for PAX and CSR tyres)

  • smartSpeed – the new exclusive self-adjustable speed system with inverter technology:
    - Automatic speed control by inverter that maximises speed depending on the torque applied
    - First speed as low as 7 rpm for critical tasks
    - Second speed automatically adjusted to between 7 and 18 rpm depending on the torque applied

  • Double-acting bead breaker cylinder

  • Mounting head adjustable in spaced-apart position relative to the rim

  • Sliding jaws with rounded profile and plastic protection inside offer an outer clamping range of 12" to 24", reduced clamping time and increased clamping force owing to cylinder with shorter stroke

  • Conventional mounting / demounting tool (working range 8" - 24") with steel mounting head and plastic inserts for gentle operation on wheels

  • Turntable with centre-type sliding jaws. Two clamping cylinders provide 30 to 40 % more clamping force than single-cylinder machines

  • Pedal-operated pneumatic tilt-back post

  • Post pneumatically locked in working position

  • On-side bead breaker with adjustable blade inclination for different wheel diameters, adjustable in three positions to grant high performance and flexibility

  • Tool box with integrated pressure gauge and four ergonomic shelves for valves, tools and accessories, attached on separate tower

  • Pedal-operated inflator

  • Quick-inflating valve

  • Capable of mounting / demounting the majority of wheel assemblies in the market

  • Optional wheel lift CW1015

Desplegar ▼
Roller board
Roller board
Set of jaws for sliding jaws
Set of jaws for sliding jaws

consisting of set of jaws for sliding jaws and +4" quick exchange

Light truck adaptors
Light truck adaptors
Quick exchange device
Quick exchange device


+4 quick exchange device
+4 quick exchange device

To be used in conjunction with the +4 sliding jaws

Motorcycle mounting head
Motorcycle mounting head
Motorcycle bead breaker blade
Slip-on shoe
Slip-on shoe

for small motorcycle and car tires, to reduce gap between bead breaker blade and rubber pad

Pala destalonador


Gracias a su forma especial la pala destalonadora permite manejar las llantas con mayor suavidad y facilita considerablemente el destalonado.

Dispositivo opcional de cambio rápido con cabeza de montaje de plástico


Gracias a este dispositivo de cambio rápido, las cabeza de montaje de plástico y de acero pueden ser intercambiadas rápidamente.

Configuración Plus


Los modelos plus están certificados por wdk. Se entrega de serie con easymont® pro y un kit plus que permite montar y desmontar correctamente neumáticos UHP y de rodamiento sin aire



Tecnología innovadora, protegida por patente , que optimiza el par aplicado a la rueda y ajusta automática y consecuentemente la velocidad máxima de rotación de la rueda.

Tecnología de herramienta M/D M/D tool & bead lever
Tecnología de la columna Pneumatic tilt back
Sistema de fijación Turntable & clamping jaws
Posicionamiento vertical de la herramienta Manual
Tipo de garra Adjustable - Sliding
Diámetro de la llanta 10"-24"
Rango de fijación exterior 10"-24"
Rango de fijación interior 10"-24"
Ancho máximo de la rueda 330 mm
Ancho máximo de la rueda 13 inch
Diámetro máximo de la rueda    1000 mm
Diámetro máximo de la rueda 39.4 inch
Fuerza de frenada 12 kN
Fuerza de frenada
Velocidad de rotación CW 7 - 18 rpm CCW 7 rpm
Control de la velocidad smartSpeed
Par máximo
Par máximo
Entalonado - Inflado por la parte superior yes
Caja de herramientas Standard
Easymont pro Standard
Elevador de rueda Optional
Capacidad 70 kg
Alimentación eléctrica 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Alimentación eléctrica (Amperaje) 16 A
Potencia motor instalada 0,9 kW
Dimensiones LxWxH 1900 x 1600 x 1850 mm
Dimensiones LxWxH
Peso 330 Kg