Professional roller brake tester with analogue visualization or PC based. The wide range of accessories allows to meet all requirements. Possibility, with additional modules, to be upgraded into test lane

  • Mechanics compact design, hot dip galvanised (the best protection against corrosion) and consequently, suitable for outdoor installation

  • Rollers at drive-on side elevated, available with coating

  • Roller sets are equipped with rust-proof feeler rolls

  • Measurement with wear-free strain-gauge type load cells

  • Electric automatic drive-off aid to facilitate driving off the rollers

  • Splash-proof motors 11 kW in the middle of the frame, between the left and right rollers

  • Different versions: 1) with standard display unit (SC), 2) with large display unit and power cabinet

  • Analogue display with double scale for left and right side, measuring range: 0-8 / 0-40 kN automatically switch over

  • Function lights for ON/OFF status, manual/automatic mode, indication of roller starting and slip of the wheel, left/right

  • Lockable main switch to be mounted externally (SC) or integrated in the power cabinet (N)

  • Print-out possibility

  • Certifications: Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia

  • Networking: ASA Network - ASA Livestream

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