Professional test lane PC based. Modular configuration to meet all requirements

  • Brake tester - Roller set:

    • Mechanics in compact flat design, galvanised and consequently, suitable for outdoor installation
    • Level rollers available with coating or, alternatively steel with exclusively SmoothGrip design
    • Roller sets are equipped with rust-proof feeler rolls
    • Measurement with wear-free strain-gauge type load cells
    • Electric automatic drive-off aid to facilitate driving off the rollers
    • Splash-proof motors 5 kW (206-RP) or 3,7 kW (306-RP)
    • 4WD mode (counter-rotation) with the possibility of the automatic detection
    • Dual direction testing: to drive on the rollers from both sides and test in both directions


  • Control unit RP-Box:

    • The RP box with integrated electronics is the technological core of the system
    • Latest technology for highest flexibility
    • Wireless communication with the display modules, which allows flexible and simple installation
    • Lockable main switch to be mounted externally
    • Radio remote control grant simple operation in any conditions


  • Display modules - Workstation:

    • Design, which recalls the legendary Snap-on tool storage
    • Uniformity with the aligner – same looking in the shops
    • Equipped with wheels, two of them with brakes
    • VESA monitor support
    • Integrated power supply module
    • Supplied with: control unit (PC), keyboard,  mouse, 27" TFT flat monitor, A4 ink jet printer
    • Possible use of portable controller device such as a tablet PC
    • Extended software package


  • Display modules - Virtual analogue:

    • Alternative to the workstation
    • Two versions: 32" and 42" TFT flat monitor
    • The display kit can be mounted on the wall or on the stand
    • Basic software package
    • Version for outdoor installation


  • Additional modules:

    • Suspension tester, Eusama principle, in compact design with test plate width of 800 mm
    • Suspension tester, Theta principle, in compact design, with noise research module
    • Side-slip tester, 500 or 1000 mm long


  • Options:

    • Motor brake for preserving motor and gear during drive out of the roller set (306-RP only)
    • Soft-start module for reduce the electric current absorption during starting of the motors
    • Integrated axle load weighing system or installation kit for later retrofit of the weighing system
    • Swivel wall support or column for virtual analogue display
    • Heating system for virtual analogue display, version for outdoor installation
    • Pneumatic lifting device: raises the vehicle to ground level, driving in and off the rollers is considerably facilitated and hence especially advantageous for vehicles with sports chassis or small wheel diameters
    • Pedal pressure transducers cable or radio version
    • Roller covers hinged outwards
    • Adapter for testing 2 wheels motorcycles
    • Noise level module for suspension tester, Eusama principle
    • Wide range of build-in frames (to facilitate the preparation of foundation)
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Max. drive over weight per axle: 6000 kg
Measuring range: 0 – 6000 N / 0 - 12000 N
Max. brake force: 10500 N (206-RP) 12000 N (306-RP)
Test weight per axle according ISO 21069 (70% braking efficiency): 3000 kg (206-RP) 3400 kg (306-RP)
Idling speed: 4,1 km/h (206-RP) 2,6 km/h (306-RP)
Roller coefficient dry wet: > 0.7 / > 0.6
Motor power: 2 x 5 kW (206-RP) 2 x 3,7 kW (306-RP)
Roller diameter: 204 mm
Roller length: 1000 mm
Test width: 800 - 2800 mm
For suspension and side slip tester refer to the corresponding section