• Control unit integrated in control cabinet (E box)

  • Galvanised roller set

  • Rollers with expanded metal mesh and long-life plastic coating

  • Prepared for weighing system or alternatively with weighing system

  • Splash-proof motor

  • Rust-proof feeler rolls

  • Interface for printer

  • Determination of rolling friction (heavy brake)

  • Determination of ovality (drum / disc)

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safelane bike PC B
File size : 12.61 Kb
Brake tester Axle weight max. (kg) 1000
Brake tester Roller coefficient dry / wet > 0.6
Brake tester Idling speed (km/h) 5.5
Brake tester Roller diameter (mm) 206
Brake tester Roller length (mm) 300
Brake tester Length (mm) 560
Brake tester Width (mm) 1020
Brake tester Height (mm) 260
Brake tester Weight (kg) 150
Brake tester Power supply (V/Hz) 400 / 50
Brake tester Supply lead (mm²) 5 x 2.5
Brake tester Fuse rating, slow-blow (A slow-blow) 16
Brake tester Motor power (kW) 2.5
Control cabinet (E box) width (mm) 500
Control cabinet (E box) depth (mm) 200
Control cabinet (E box) height (mm) 650
Control cabinet (E box) weight (kg) 30
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 1020 x 560 x 260
Roller distance (mm) 400
Height E-Box (mm) 650
Wide E-Box (mm) 500
Depth E-Box (mm) 200
Weight E-Box (kg) 30