The automatic tyre changer for high-volume shops, combining automatic procedures with utmost safety and ease of use.

  • Certified by wdk

  • Non-contact detection of rim contour by laser

  • Automatic control of mounting and demounting tools, user only has to start operation on the control console

  • Automatic labour-saving and accurate positioning of wheels on clamping flange by means of wheel lift

  • For rims of 12" - 30"

  • Hydraulic clamping of wheel via clamping flange and quick nut

  • Rotating bead breaker disc with adjustable pitch angle

  • Integrated bead pusher

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monty® quadriga 1 GP

The automatic tyre changer for high-volume shops, combining automatic procedures with utmost safety and ease of use.

Hofmann monty quadriga
Plastic protectors 85 mm
Plastic protectors 85 mm

The kit contains 10 protectors

Light truck wheel kit
Light truck wheel kit
Reverse-mounted wheel kit
Reverse-mounted wheel kit

with pins of Ø 24 mm

Closed-centre rim kit
Closed-centre rim kit

compact clamping device included

Special cone for quadriga TC
Special cone for quadriga TC

(polyamide), ideal for alloy rims e.g. of Porsche and Audi; standard equipment of BMW quadriga

Smart bead spacer
Smart Bead Spacer

Holds the bead in 6 positions in the drop center during tire mounting operation. To be used in conjunction with the pneumatic bead assist

Cone kit 42-85 mm
Cone kit 42-85 mm

consisting of 1 steel cone EAM0082G10A to centre steel / alloy wheels before clamping and 5 plastic protectors EAC0102G27A

Bead clamp
Bead clamp

To facilitate mounting of the upper bead, especially on low profile and stiff tires



Facilitates all mounting and demounting operations. It makes operations with run-flat tyres and UHP tyres easy.



The centre-clamp design has numerous benefits: most important is the drastically reduced risk of damage and that there are no restrictions of the turntables with clamping jaws, while automatic locking of the wheel provides fast, safe and correct clamping of the wheel.



The leverless tool supersedes the conventional tyre lever. It pulls the bead over the rim edge, being as gentle to the tyre as can be and and reducing the effort of the operator.



The ergonomic wheel lift reduces fatigue on the operator and increases productivity.

M/D tool technology
Tower technology
Clamping System Automatic pilot hole
Tool vertical positioning
Jaw type
Rim diameter
Outside clamping range
Inside clamping range
Max wheel width mm
Max wheel width inch
Max. Wheel diametre 1200 mm
Wheel diameter 47.2 inch
Breaking force
Breaking force
Rotation speed
Speed control
Max. torque
Max. torque
Bead seating- Top-side inflation
Easymont pro
Wheel lift
Capability 70 kg
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Power supply (Amperage) A
Installed motor power
Dimensions LxWxH 1290/1350 x 2240 x 1850
Dimensions LxWxH 50.8"/53.2" x 88.2" x 72.8"
Weight 820 Kg