• smartSpeedTM - The innovative technology – patent-protected – that optimises the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly

  • Rim Clamping - Two pneumatic cylinders provide 30-40% more clamping force than single cylinder designs

  • On-Side Bead Breaker – With adjustable blade inclination and length in 3 positions

  • easymont® pro – Bead press tool retains the bead in the drop centre to mount / demount hard-sidewall tyres, furthermore the centre-bore press tool presses down the wheel to engage with the jaws

  • Mounting / Demounting Tool - With steel head especially designed for motorcycle tyres and to work smoothly

  • Pedal-operated tilt back post (pneumatically tilted forwards / backwards)

  • Post pneumatically locked in working position

  • Mounting head adjustable in spaced-apart position relative to the rim

  • Self-centring four-jaw turntable controlled by two clamping cylinders

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Bead breaker blade protector
Bead breaker blade protector
Roller board
Roller board
plastic tyre protector
Plastic tyre protector

clip-on type, to protect run-flat tyres when mounted onto steel rims, 1 off

Light alloy rim protector (front protection)
Light alloy rim protector (front protection)

for centre jaws; set of 4
For TC with new 20" turntable
Hofmann standard TC + T1 from 11.01.2010;
Boxer, JB, SO standard TC from 17.05.2010,
GT / GS / BS TC from 07.06.2010

Motorcycle bead breaker blade
MH 320 pro / easymont pro - black
MH 320 pro / easymont pro - black

- easymont pro # 6027703

Bead clamp
Bead clamp

To facilitate mounting of the upper bead, especially on low profile and stiff tires

Bead depressing roller
Bead depressing roller

for quick installation on mounting head
Suitable for all machines manufactured after June 2002 (sr. no. starting 0702)



The innovative technology – patent-protected – that optimises the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly



The mounting head with tyre lever and the on-side bead breaker are a favourite choice of operators, combining familiar design with fast operation.



Owing to its special shape, the bead breaker blade handles rims most gently and facilitates operation considerably.

M/D tool technology M/D tool & bead lever
Tower technology Pneumatic tilt back
Clamping System Turntable & clamping jaws
Tool vertical positioning Manual
Jaw type Not adjustable
Clamping range
Clamping range with motorcycle jaws 12" - 24"
Clamping range without motorcycle jaws 10" - 22"
Rim width with motorcycle jaws 3”-10"
Rim width without motorcycle jaws 3”-12"
Outside clamping range 10" - 22"
Inside clamping range 12" - 24"
Max wheel width 279 mm
Max wheel width 11 inch
Max. Wheel diametre 1000 mm
Wheel diameter 39.4 inch
Breaking force 12 kN
Breaking force 2700 lbs
Rotation speed CW 7 - 18 rpm CCW 7 rpm
Speed control smartSpeed
Max. torque 1200 Nm
Max. torque 885
Bead seating- Top-side inflation Standard - operated by pedal
Toolbox Optional
Easymont pro Standard
Wheel lift
Capability 70 kg
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Power supply (Amperage) 16 A
Installed motor power 0,9 kW
Dimensions LxWxH 1050 x 1400 x 1850 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 41,3" x 55,1" x 72,8"
Weight 300 Kg
Weight 659 lbs