Analogue display, double scale: indicating range 0-8 kN, one-part galvanised roller set, idling speed 5.4 km/h, motor power 2 x 3.7 kW, power supply 3/N/PE 400 V AC / 50 Hz, including ASA Livestream

  • Roller set

    • Compact flat design, galvanised and consequently suitable for outdoor installation
    • Level rollers 700 or 1000 mm long, with CPS coating, or in SmoothGrip design
    • Splash-proof motors 3.7 kW
    • Electric automatic drive-off aid
    • Measurement with wear-free strain-gauge type load cells
    • 4WD mode (counter-rotation)
    • Dual-direction testing with PC upgrade only
  • Display

    • Analogue display with double scales
    • Function lights for ON/OFF status, manual/automatic mode, roller start and cut-out at wheel lock left/right
    • 8-digit digital display to read out maximum brake force at the end of the test, ovality and braking force imbalance. With the corresponding options also reading of axle load / wheel weight, pedal pressure, result of suspension and side-slip tests
    • ASA Livestream
    • Radio remote control
    • Lockable main switch to be mounted externally
    • Finish RAL 9017
    • Software

      • Standard with ASA Livestream interface
      • With optional COM cable, the customer PC kit and RP extended software version, the brekon 204 can be connected to an external PC in order to read out, store and print out all the results
      • PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer and cabinet are also available as optional extras
    • Operation in manual or automatic mode
    • Single-wheel test is available as well
    • With optional modules upgrade into test lane
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Brake tester/Test lane Max. drive-over load (t) 4
Brake tester Roller coefficient dry / wet > 0.7 - > 0.6
Brake tester Temperature range (°C) 0 - 40
Brake tester Idling speed (km/h) 5.4
Brake tester Roller diameter (mm) 216
Brake tester Roller length (mm) 700 / 1000
Brake tester Test width min. (mm) 800
Brake tester Test width max. (mm) 2200
Brake tester Length (mm) 670
Brake tester Width (mm) 2350 / 2950
Brake tester Height (mm) 255
Brake tester Weight (kg) 400
Brake tester Power supply (V/Hz) 3/N/PE 400 VAC 50 Hz
Brake tester Supply lead (mm²) 5 x 2.5
Brake tester Fuse rating, slow-blow (A slow-blow) 3 x 25
Brake tester Motor power (kW) 2 x 3.7
Display cabinet Measuring range (kN) 0 - 8
Display cabinet Width (mm) 700
Display cabinet Depth (mm) 200
Display cabinet Height (mm) 400
Display cabinet Weight (kg) 35
Display cabinet Length of line (m) 15