New product release - monty® 8800 smartSpeed™

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monty® 8800
The tyre changer of choice for high volume tyre shops.
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We are proud to launch the NEW monty® 8800 smartSpeed, which combines the high productivity features of a tabletop model and the high performances of a leverless tire changer.

  • powerMONT™ the innovative leverless mount/demount system that makes easy working with any type of tyre including RFT, UHP and low aspect ratio ones
  • quickLOK™ -  Automatic pilot hole
    Fast as a turntable tyre changer with steel rims
    Faster than a turntable tyre changer with UHP and run-flat tyres


  • Dynamic dual disc bead breaker, safe and performing for UHP and run-flat tires
  • On floor bead breaker, the fastest solution for high profile tires (monty® 8800s)
  • Highly ergonomic work station
  • Wheel lift, bottom bead camera, top side bead seater, tool storage and many other features assure a personalized working experience
  • smartSpeed – the exclusive self-adjustable speed system up to 20 rpm


Discover all about monty® 8800 smartSpeed™!


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