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asanetwork is a standard interface for workshop equipment, inspection software applications and information systems (repair data) that allows equipment to be connected to a garage, independently from its brand.

The interfaces, data format and data transfer protocols are standardized and based on the Internet.
With the asanetwork all relevant information are made available at every workstation in the shop as all machines are connected to the commercial software (i.e. Bodi-Data, DEKRA, KÜS, GTÜ, Werbas).
The interface interconnects computerized workshop equipment such as brake testers, exhaust gas analyzers, wheel aligners etc. with commercial software applications dealer management software or with the inspection software applications of the vehicle inspection organizations.


All our balancers, aligners and brake testers are asanetwork ready and can be connected without any additional cost.

Our Pc-based wheel balancers are compatible with asanetwork: no dongle is needed because the machine takes over this function, consequently no royalty will apply for the use of this interface.


The following products are asanetwork compatible:


Wheel Balancers:

geodyna® 7340p - 7340l - 7340s
geodyna® 7750p - 7700p - 7700l
geodyna® 7850p - 7800p
geodyna® 8250p - 8200p
geodyna® 9000p


Wheel Aligners:

geoliner® 550 Prism Elite - geoliner® 550 Prism
geoliner® 580 Prism Elite - geoliner® 580 Prism
geoliner® 610
geoliner® 650
geoliner® 680-MB Gen II
geoliner® 780-MB Gen II
geoliner® 650 XD
geoliner® 670 XD
geoliner® 680 XD
geoliner® 790
geoliner® 795
geoliner® 790-MB-1


Brake Testers:

brekon® 204
safelane® 204
safelane® 206
safelane® 306-RP
contactest® 202-RP
safelane® truck
safelane® bike PC B


For more information and contacts, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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