Ideal for high-volume shops that specialize in alignments and wheel service, the Hofmann® geoliner® 770 Mobile Imaging Wheel Aligner delivers sophistication in a compact footprint, designed to fit where you need it and move pretty much anywhere else.

The short boot-up gets your team to every job quickly, with faster measurements for more efficient, more accurate alignments every time.

  • Part Numbers  

    • With AC 400 Clamps & Vin Reader - EEWA752BV3


  • Groundbreaking User Interface - The geoliner® 770 Mobile Imaging Wheel Aligner features a next-generation interface that provides instant access to critical tasks in an intelligent flow, ensuring vehicle-specific assistance is never more than just one click away.

    • Optimized Vehicle Selection Process
      - Quick access to history right on the home screen
      - Clear and comprehensive make/year/model selection
      - Quick model search
      - Manual and scanner VIN select, with live lookup feature
    • Quick-Select Language Support for Procedures and Printouts - provide rapid changes between commonly used languages
    • All-New Graphic Displays - with all screens optimized for maximum visibility and clarity


  • Video Speed Cameras Constantly Monitor Alignments, Providing Information at Every Step - The geoliner® 770 Mobile Imaging Wheel Aligner's advanced XD cameras and sophisticated monitoring algorithms find errors as they’re made, detecting problems with suspension stress and damage, rack, clamps, environment, and more - notifying users only when necessary, to save time and ensure accuracy on every alignment.

    • Compensate: Error is completely compensated with no notification to the user
    • Warn: Error is completely compensated with user warned that a correction action is required
    • Alert: Critical error leading to a bad alignment is detected; user notified that corrective action is required


  • Automatic Height Tracking Save Time on Every Job - The geoliner® 770 Mobile Imaging Wheel Aligner automatic height tracking provides optimum placement of its advanced XD targets and cameras for more speed and more accuracy on every alignment. And since the lightweight, three-camera system folds to a compact size with a low center of gravity, the geoliner® 770 takes up less floor space in the shop and can be moved around easily whenever required.

    With the AC400 wheel clamps, it virtually eliminates any worry of damaging rims by attaching with a single fast-action adjustment knob and only makes contact with the tire.


  • Additional Features

    • Next generation UI optimized for the high-volume user
    • Diagnostic alignment with “Compensate Warn Alert” intervention gets it right the first time
    • Unique camera beam design to fit through a standard doorway and protects cameras
    • Highly accurate and reliable XD camera technology



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Hofmann geoliner® 770 Wheel Aligner
Hofmann geoliner® 770 Testimonials
Hofmann geoliner 770
File size : 2,887.97 Kb
AC400 Touchless Wheel Clamp Brochure
File size : 223.41 Kb
VIN Scanner

VIN Scanner for Wheel Alignment Systems

Measurement Made Easy


Quick rolling compensation provides critical information via an adaptive user interface, with instant access to productivity tools and assistance.

AC400 Touchless Wheel Clamping System


Fast and easy to use, it provides secure clamping without touching the rim. This patented technology allows accurate and repeatable results coupled with ease of use and durability. No accessories needed to accommodate the full range of tire sizes.

All new user interface


All new user interface with three levels of intervention — Compensate, Warn, Alert — with corrective actions clearly identified and more information just one click away.

Automatic Height Tracking

Provides optimum placement of its advanced XD targets and cameras for more speed and accuracy on every alignment

Wheel Size (AC200) 12" - 22"
Tire Size (AC400) 19" - 39"
Tire diameter range 483 - 991 mm
Power supply 115 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Track width 48" - 96"
Track width 1219 - 2438 mm
Wheel base 2007 - 4572 mm
Wheel base 79" - 180"