The Hofmann® 9K variolift™ Double-Scissor General-Purpose lift is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles. Its low-profile design allows for easy drive-over or it can be installed as a flush-mount. The 9K variolift is open front to rear for maximum accessibility.

  • Part Number:  SOET9000

  • Low-profile drive over height of 5.3"

  • Lifts straight up - no fore or aft movement

  • Open front and rear with no crossmember for maximum accessibility

  • Dual hydraulic synchronoization

  • 18 mechanical locking positions with air-actuated release

  • Non-slip textured lifting pad surface

  • Extendible lifting pad, from 61.25" to 81.5"

  • Surface-mount or flush-mount configurations

  • For best performance and maximum versatility to service the widest range of vehicles, all surface-mount installed lifts should be installed with the platforms at 23" apart and with the SOET9000LW kit

  • SOET9000LW kit includes long-drive over ramps for low clearance vehicles, outriggers for increased drive over for wider vehicles and additional SOE-VZ975074 connectable rubber blocks. Overall length with kit is 165"

  • SOET9000FM lifts should be ordered with SOE-VZ970052 hose extension kit and SOE-VZ970133 foundation insert plates

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9k Double Scissor Lift
File size : 361.10 Kb
Capacity 4082 Kg
Capacity 9000 lbs
Lifting times 53 s
Lowering times s
Lifting height 79.75 inch
Lifting height 203 mm
Maximum pad height from floor mm
Maximum pad height from floor inch
Drive-through width inch
Drive-through width mm
Motor Hp
Power supply 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Distance between columns mm
Distance between columns inch
Short arm extraction mm
Short arm extraction inch
Long arm extraction mm
Long arm extraction inch
Minimum ceiling height mm
Minimum ceiling height inch
Minimum concrete thickness mm
Minimum concrete thickness inch
Weight 1224 Kg
Width Between Runways inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
Console Dimensions DxWxH 12.3 x 14.9 x 40.5 inch
Air Supply Requirements 90 Psi
Front Accessibility
Overall Length 80.5 inch
Service Wheelbase inch
Overall Width 89 inch
Column Height inch
Column Width inch
Column Depth inch
Height of Lifting Fork inch
Length of Fork inch
Lifting Capacity Per Column lbs
Lifting Speed 53 s
Load Capacity Per Set of Four Columns lbs
Load Capacity Per Set of Six Columns lbs
Lowered Wheel Fork Height inch
Lowering Speed s
Runway Width inch
Weight per Column lbs
Width of Lifting Fork inch