When looking to lift some of the largest, more robust vehicles on the road, professionals can rely on the Hofmann 20k Two-Post Lift to get the job done right. With 20,000 pounds of lifting power, this sturdy piece of equipment gets the job done with an oversized steel pulley specifically designed to reduce internal stress and provide increased durability. Ultra-tall, 60-inch lifting carriages optimally balance the long-reaching 62-inch lift arms for ideal weight distribution in the columns. The screw pads are a standard accessory and work with a wide range of vehicles. 

Safety is a top priority with a single-point, air-actuated safety lock release that allows technicians to relieve pressure in both columns simultaneously. If you work on large, heavy-duty, commercial, or municipal fleets - this 20k Two-Post Lift is a lift that will get the job done day in and day out. 

  • Part Number (Standard): EELS745A
    Part Number (Extended Height): EELS746A

  • High Capacity Lifting: Powerful hydraulic components allow technicians to work on vehicles that range from a compact sedan to some of the most oversized and heaviest vehicles on the road with a single lift. 

  • Two-Stage Front & Rear Arms: Heavy-duty two-stage front and rear arms enable a wide range of symmetric lifting.

  • Stack Adapters: Access vehicle lifting points with heavy-duty stack adapters that are easy to use and store in the stack organizer rack for quick access.

  • Adjustable Height Extension: Increase your service capability to work on taller vehicles, including the largest trucks, SUVs, and cargo vans, with our two-foot column height extension.

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File size : 3,347.67 Kb
20k 2-post
File size : 1,813.78 Kb
Capacity Kg
Capacity 20000 lbs
Lifting times 62 s
Lowering times s
Lifting height 85 inch
Lifting height mm
Maximum pad height from floor mm
Maximum pad height from floor 84.6" inch
Drive-through width 116.25" 110.25" 104.25" inch
Drive-through width mm
Motor 3 Hp
Power supply 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Distance between columns mm
Distance between columns 132" 126" 120" inch
Short arm extraction mm
Short arm extraction 38.5" inch
Long arm extraction mm
Long arm extraction 62" inch
Minimum ceiling height mm
Minimum ceiling height 176" 170" 164" 200" 194" 188" inch
Minimum concrete thickness mm
Minimum concrete thickness 4 inch
Width Between Runways inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
Console Dimensions DxWxH inch
Air Supply Requirements 90-120 Psi
Front Accessibility
Overall Length inch
Service Wheelbase inch
Overall Width 167" | 424cm / 161" | 409cm / 155" | 394cm inch
Column Height 162" | 411cm / 168" | 427cm / 174" | 442cm inch
Column Width inch
Column Depth inch
Height of Lifting Fork inch
Length of Fork inch
Lifting Capacity Per Column lbs
Lifting Speed s
Load Capacity Per Set of Four Columns lbs
Load Capacity Per Set of Six Columns lbs
Lowered Wheel Fork Height inch
Lowering Speed s
Runway Width inch
Weight per Column lbs
Width of Lifting Fork inch