Hofmann geodyna 9000P
With an easy-to-use touch screen, the new Hofmann® geodyna® 9000P Wheel Balancer features advanced non-contact 3D imaging technology that is virtually user error-proof for expert balancing every time.

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As the original innovator in advanced imaging wheel alignment technology, we spend a lot of time speaking to customers and observing their work place. An issue alignment technicians encounter is that, while they follow the alignment procedure perfectly, they sometimes experience "crooked" steering wheels after they perform an alignment.
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Hofmann's geodyna® 9000P Wheel Balancing System is the only automated diagnostic wheel balancing system that offers touchless measurement and analysis.
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Conway, AR – Our U.S. based Alignment Engineering Center team thinks only about wheel alignment.
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Many wheel aligners on the market have a similar look and functionality. Are you looking for a fast, accurate aligner that stands out from the rest?
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Have you ever had to re-balance a wheel? Many times, what causes weight chasing is how the wheel is clamped onto the balancer shaft.
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Ever advancing suspension technology has allowed auto manufacturers to deliver greatly improved ride quality and drivability to the motoring public.
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In the high tire volume business, it is always a smart idea to have a plan when having to change tough tires quickly without damage. With patented smartSpeed™ you will have that plan built into your tire changing system.
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Celebrating 86 years of providing industry-leading products, training and sales support, Hofmann stands alone in the marketplace when it comes to innovative ways to help customers grow their businesses.
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When it comes to wheel aligners, Hofmann® stands alone and the new Hofmann geoliner® 630 is no exception. Utilizing advanced imaging technology, the geoliner 630 provides accurate, real time measurements that generate serious productivity benefits at an economical price point.
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