Chevrolet / GM Balancer Tooling Kit

Part Number:  EAK0221J74B

Includes the following:

V201-400-04.png V201-400-04
CenTor™ Plate #1
4x98, 100, 4.25", 4.5", 8x6.5", 170, 180

V205-400-20.png V205-400-20
CenTor™ Plate #2
5x98, 105, 110, 4.5", 120, 5.5", 135, 150


CenTor™ Plate #3
5x100, 4.25", 112, 115, 4.75", 130, 5.5", 160

V206-400-12.png V206-400-12
CenTor™ Plate #4
3x115, 120, 127, 6x4.5", 132, 135, 5.5"

V270-075-16.png V270-075-16
CenTor™ Stud
Spring loaded with 12mm leaning nipple

V275-080-11  RevC.png V275-080-11
CenTor™ Stud
Style B - Wide Cone
Head Ø 28mm
Length 24.5mm
Total Length 99.5mm

V275-095-15  RevC.png V275-095-15
CenTor™ Stud
Style E - Narrow
Head Ø 19mm
Length 80mm
Total Length 114.5mm

V280-060-19.png V280-060-19
LCM CenTor™ Stud

s900-006-01.png S900-006-01
Flange Nut

L209-400-01 RevC.png L209-400-01
LCM CenTor™ Plate
10x7.25", 10x225, 8x225, 8x200,
8x210, 6x205, 6x8.75"

V168-400-03  RevD.png V168-400-03
Centering Disk #16
Double Sided, 124mm Bore, 8x180 PCD + 154mm Bore, 8x120 PCD GM

E162-400-42  RevE.png E162-400-42
Low Taper Collet #1
Side A: 53mm - 58mm
Side B: 57mm - 62mm

E162-400-43  RevE.png E162-400-43
Low Taper Collet #2
Side A: 62mm - 67mm
Side B: 65.5mm - 70.5mm

E162-400-44  RevE.png E162-400-44
Low Taper Collet #3
Side A: 69mm - 74mm
Side B: 72.5mm - 77.5mm

E162-400-45  RevE.png E162-400-45
Low Taper Collet #4
Side A: 76.5mm - 81.5mm
Side B: 81.5mm - 86.5mm

E162-400-47  RevE.png E162-400-47
Low Taper Collet #6
Side A: 94mm - 99mm
Side B: 98mm - 103mm

E162-400-49  RevE.png E162-400-49
Low Taper Collet #8
Side A: 110mm - 115mm
Side B: 114mm - 119mm

E162-400-50  RevE.png E162-400-50
Low Taper Collet #9
Side A: 118mm - 123mm
Side B: 121.5mm - 126.5mm

l190-400-06.png L190-400-06
Small Spacer Disc