ADAS and its Impact on Wheel Alignment

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are active and passive technologies that support the driver with additional information, warn against potential dangers and provide a more comfortable or convenient driving experience.

The growth of ADAS is steady and significant as more vehicle manufacturers are committed to meeting NHTSA standards required for a 5-star rating. ADAS features recommended by the NHTSA include:

·         Forward Collision Warning

·         Lane Departure Warning

·         Rearview Video System

·         Automatic Emergency Braking

These are but a small portion of the systems that are currently available in most vehicles on the road today.


ADAS Recalibration

After a Wheel Alignment, most ADAS-equipped vehicles will require recalibration of the sensors and cameras that control these systems, to ensure that they are functioning properly. Failure to properly recalibrate these systems can contribute to diminished overall vehicle safety and performance as well as diagnostic trouble codes that alert the driver of system issues.

To complete the ADAS recalibration, special equipment is necessary:

·         EZ-ADAS Recalibration System with targets, target stand and vehicle centerline laser

·         EZ-ADAS Mobile App with OEM specifications

·         Diagnostic scan tool with current firmware and software installed


To learn more about the EZ-ADAS Recalibration System, click here.