High-productivity tyre changer for car tyres: productive – time-saving - professional. With top-side bead seating kit.

  • Automatic mounting tool with integrated demounting finger replacing the conventional tyre lever

  • Automatic swing arm for reduced space requirement

  • Centre-type quick-fit clamping flange

  • ESDB™ – Electronically synchronised dual-disc bead breaker for ergonomic operation

  • Inverter-controlled motor for 2 speeds for optimum results

  • Top-side bead seating kit

  • For standard, low profile, UHP and run-flat tyres

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monty® 8600 Gold

High-productivity tyre changer for car tyres: productive – time-saving - professional. With pneumatic bead press arm MH, sidewall press arm, laser pointer for accurate positioning of mounting tool. WDK certified.

monty® 8600
File size : 758.48 Kb

ESDB™ (Electronic Sync Dual Bead-Breaker)

The unique dual-disc bead breaker with servo drive. Bead breaking in an upright position: faster, easier, ergonomic and effortless. The bead roller is applied to detach both soft and stiff beads.



Ergonomic nozzle injects high-speed air blast into the tire, rising the bead to seal the tire to the rim.

M/D tool technology
Tower technology Automatic swing arm
Clamping System
Tool vertical positioning
Jaw type
Clamping range 12-30
Outside clamping range
Inside clamping range
Max wheel width 15 mm
Max wheel width 381 inch
Max. Wheel diametre 1200 mm
Wheel diameter 47 inch
Breaking force 11,5 kN
Breaking force 2585 lbs
Rotation speed 7-14 rpm
Speed control
Max. torque 1500 Nm
Max. torque 1106
Bead seating- Top-side inflation
Easymont pro
Wheel lift Optional
Capability 70 kg
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Power supply (Amperage) A
Installed motor power
Dimensions LxWxH 1700 x 1500 x 2260 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 66.9" x 59.1" x 89"
Weight 430 Kg
Weight 946 lbs