Customer Testimonials

At Hofmann we pride ourselves on quality products installations and, most importantly, our happy customers. 

Our testimonials are provided direct from customers and also via our trusted distribution channel.

Please feel free to read through the testimonials provided to help assist you with any product offering decisions.

Ammanford MOT Station, South Wales: “We did speak to quite a few other people but from dealing with our Hofmann representative, that persuaded us because he was very professional and accurate, anything we asked of him was done, so because of the service we were getting my business partner Marc Jones and I decided to go with Hofmann.

“When all of the plans were drawn up and submitted it was all done efficiently.

“We started the process over the festive season last year but we didn’t have to wait for anything to be done. Even though it was that time of year, whenever we had to get in touch everything was sorted out.

“We have been up and running since the middle of July and while we did have a few little teething problems – not everything can always go 100 per cent smoothly – they were all resolved quickly.

“The right men were on the job and the equipment is working fine so this has all been a positive for us. Overall the business is going well and now we have got to keep on growing.”

General Mechanical, Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire: “Having just invested in a new building to house our MOT bay, it was important that we had a supplier that not only provided high quality equipment, but also had the experience in managing this important project for our workshop.

“Hofmann have succeeded on both counts, with a great class IV MOT ATL bay solution and the know-how to ensure smooth progress from start to finish.”

Smart Touch, Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire: “Hofmann has provided us with a great drive-through solution for our garage, which includes a class IV MOT bay that’s fully integrated with their Prism four-wheel alignment system.

“Hofmann’s project management was very helpful and we’re pleased with the end result that helps us to make the most of our workshop space.”