• Two single, separately controlled mechanical test systems

  • Both surfaces are made of galvanised lug-pattern metal plates

  • Mechanical sub-structure painted

  • Guides made of wear-resistant polycarbonate

  • Automatic return of test plates to the home position (parking position)

  • Speed of the test plates: 50mm/sec

  • Total movement of the test plate: 100mm (Weartest 4600 FA)

  • Max drive overweight per axle: 20,000kg

  • Flush-fit frame, to conform with DVSA specifications to flush mount

  • Operating pressure: 160 bar max

  • Power: 3kW (GST 4600 FA)

  • Focused and bright LED light source

  • Robust, shock- and break-proof housing

  • Enclosure made of durable and shock-proof plastics

  • Control of the test plates: single, counter or same directions

  • Wireless radio communication in the free ISM band

  • Keypad with oil- and petroleum-resistant foil

  • Attached by magnet and belt clip

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Maximum Load Per Axle 20t
Temperature Range  0-70 Celcius 
Test Speed 50mm/s
Test Movement Total 100mm
Power Supply 400v
Fuse Protection 10A
Weight 150kg
Test Plate Length 850mm
Test Plate Width 1030mm
Hydraulic Unit Height 390mm
Hydraulic Unit Width 610mm
Hydraulic Unit Depth 250mm
Hydraulic Unit Weight 35.6kg
Hydraulic Unit Operating Pressure 170 bar
Hydraulic Unit Oil Capacity 6 L
Hydraulic Unit Power 30kW
Hydraulic Unit Operating Power kN 30