Now is the time to future-proof your workshop with the Hofmann EV and HEV battery lift. This new lift from Hofmann is an electro hydraulic equipment with dual speeds that allows you to mount and remove batteries from electric and hybrid cars. It has a lifting capability of 1200 kg and a lifting range of 800mm to 1810mm, making it suitable for EV, BEV, HEV, and PHEV service shops and dealerships.

  • A three-pin plug is used to control the 24V system

  • It may also be used to disassemble the engine, gearbox, drive axle, fuel tank, and suspension of both petrol and diesel powered vehicles

  • Pins and pads are included for positioning and securing components

  • The suspend platform can tilt within a height of 40mm. The lower platform can move laterally within a distance of 20mm

  • Compatible with EV, BEV, HEV, and PHEV vehicles for battery removal and installation

  • Mechanical locking system that is electrically released

  • Platform extends to a maximum of 325mm to accommodate large loads

  • Working table with reserved holes (100mm x 100mm) for positioning and mounting components with specialised fixtures

  • Dual-speed system

  • Oil hose with double steel wire fabrications that has passed a pressure test at 40 MPa can work at twice the nominal working pressure without breaking

  • Stop, slow rise, standard rise, and down functions are all available on the hand-held lift controls

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Lift 1200kg  
Platform Length 1741+325mm  
Power 2.6kw  
Voltage 220v  
Control Voltage 24v  
Full Stroke Time 45s  
Frequency 50Hz  
Minimum Height 800mm  
Platform Width 800mm  


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