HOFMANN connected roller brake testers for vehicle classes 4, 5, 6 and 7 HGV and PSV. Class 4, 5 and 7 seamlessly integrate with the DVSA MOT Testing System (MTS).

The roller brake tester can additionally benefit from full connectivity to the geogas emissions analyser and decelerometer. This unit is also available in both split and compact configurations. This photo illustrates the BR-20 CRBT Split System.

  • Place up to two monitors beyond the workstation in your workshop

  • Automatic mode

  • Manual mode

  • Ovality measurement

  • Cut-out at wheel lock

  • Display of braking force imbalance 

  • Electric automatic drive-off aid

  • 1000mm length

  • Corundum coated (CRD) steel rollers with a wear-proof plastic coating eliminate wear to tyres during tests

  • Drive off the rollers through electro brake or automatic aid

  • The brake test does not start before both feeler rolls are depressed. This safety feature prevents unintentional starting of the brake tester

  • Depending on the individual requirements on site, the roller sets can be installed in front of the pit, or separately on either the left or right sides

  • The control unit is the technological core of the equipment controlling all electronic components and includes the main switch, emergency stop function as well as controls for pneumatic pressure transducers

  • Differing functionalities are unlocked via USB dongles

  • 1 speed + PC connection

  • Portable emergency stop

  • IR pit safety device**

  • All brake testers are equipped with level rollers, dual direction testing and 4WD mode as required

  • For all vehicles in both loaded or unloaded conditions

  • Normal to high throughput

  • Splashproof motor

  • All motors have braking kits fitted as standard to aid drive out

  • Wear-free strain-gauge type load cell measuring system ensures reliable and error-free measurement of the forces produced

  • The full kit includes a control unit, a radio remote control, a workstation, and a dongle. 

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Temperature Range 0-40 degrees celcius  
Power Supply 3/N/PE 400 V AC  
Frequency  50Hz  
Fuse Rating - Slow Burn Type  3 x 80 A  
Drive-Over Axle Load/Axle 20 tonnes  
Roller Coefficient Dry/Wet >0.7/>0.5  
Motor Power 2 x 15 kw  
Test Width Min. - Max. Variable  
Roller Diameter 255 mm  
Roller Length 1000 mm (1300mm option available)  
Roller Distance 450 mm  
Idling Speed 2.6 (2.6-5.2 option available)  
Dimensions of Roller Set  (w)1261x (d)1093 x (h)718  
Dimensions of Control Unit 900x900x200  
Dimensions of Analogue Unit (w)1035 x (d) 177 x (h) 700  
Instrument Panel Size (w) 925 x (h) 590  
Diameter of Analogue Instruments 325 mm  
Maximum Brake Force 4000 kgf