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The Hofmann geogas 5000 allows you to get emissions readings outside of normal MOT testing usage.
Read how the Hofmann geogas 5000 allows you to get emissions readings outside of normal MOT testing usage.
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The geogas 5000 emissions analyser from Hofmann acts as the hub for your MOT activity – but there will also be times when you need to get emissions results on a vehicle while you aren’t carrying out a full test.

Helpfully, that is a straightforward process with the geogas thanks to its Free Measurement mode, which allows you to generate results for petrol and diesel vehicles in your workshop.

From the software’s home screen, select the Free Measurement icon and then at the next stage you can choose between petrol and diesel, so let’s start by looking at the petrol process.

After choosing the petrol measurement option, at the next screen you need to tell the system if an RPM reading is required and how it is going to be measured, then select the number of cylinders in the vehicle’s engine.

Connect the battery adapter to the ROTI then connect the ROTI to the vehicle’s battery terminal. An LED light on the ROTI will illuminate to confirm a successful connection.

The geogas will communicate with the ROTI and calibrate the RPM reading. Once that has completed the screen will give you a message to say that the system is ready to proceed, so click on Continue to display the results.

How to get diesel vehicle readings with the geogas 5000

When it comes to generating measurements on diesel vehicles, start at the home screen then select Free Measurement followed by the diesel option.

At the next screen you need to again select if RPM readings are required and then enter the number of vehicle cylinders.

Select the Calibrate option and make sure the probe device is not in the vehicle’s exhaust, then press Continue to trigger the zero calibration process.

Insert the probe when instructed and press Continue, then confirm if the RPM ROTI device is connected and powered on. If it is not then connect as instructed earlier and press OK.

Once that confirmation has been given, the system will then display the required results.

Discover more about the geogas 5000.

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05/24/2022 in Products

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