The Hofmann One Person Test Lane is a great opportunity for your garage if you already have an existing MOT Bay in your workshop.

By upgrading your MOT Bay to a One Person Test Lane you can dramatically reduce your labour costs per MOT.

That means you’ll only need to take one technician into the bay to test rather than two, resulting in better efficiency in your workshop.

If you have an existing standard MOT bay why not consider an upgrade to a Hofmann One Person Test Lane, and save labour costs?

A Hofmann One Person Test Lane can use one of our standard ATL lifts or we have a special version that fits the majority of existing MOT lift recesses.

  • Four post lift

  • Play detector

  • Radius plates

  • Pedal depressor

  • Convex mirrors

  • 130mm recess fitment (only applicable to low profile lift option)

  • Extra-long platform

  • Optional jacking beam and headlamp beam tester

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Lift Class IV Low Profile Class IV Standard Class VII Standard
Platform width 560mm 630mm 630mm
Platform length 4480mm 4460mm 5700mm
Power 2.6kw 2.6kw 2.6kw
Voltage 400V - 3 phase 415v 400V - 3 phase 415v 400V - 3 phase 415v
Platform height when lowered 130mm 160mm 175mm
Platform max height 1900mm 1915mm 1932mm
Overall length 4783mm 4970mm 6023mm
Overall width 2855mm 3005mm 3355mm
Overall height 2300mm (*2614mm) 2300mm (*2614mm) 2300mm (*2614mm)

 * Only applicable to low profile lift option.

** Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively. **