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Are you a commercial vehicle workshop looking for a tyre changing solution? See what Hofmann has to offer.
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Tyre Changers for Commercial Vehicles

Make sure your customers’ needs are dealt with quickly and accurately thanks to the advanced features of the geodyna range of wheel balancers from Hofmann.

Checking wheel balance every time tyres are changed is essential to make sure that tyres have road grip on all kinds of surfaces and in all weathers.

Tyres and wheels are the components that undergo the most stress and must therefore be subjected to regular checks. 

Hofmann’s professional wheel balancers help tyre dealers, shops and garages to provide a perfect tyre change for all kinds of vehicles - from heavy-duty trucks to sports cars.

They quickly reinstate the rotation uniformity of tyres at all speeds, prevent tyre treads from wearing unevenly and eliminate steering wheel vibrations, which would not only affect driving comfort but may even lead to mechanical damage. 

All our balancers are easy to use, safe and quick and are designed to be long-lasting.

When it comes to diagnostics, they are equipped with the most advanced devices, 3D laser cameras and touch-screen monitors.

Even if you are processing large tyre quantities, they guarantee a high productivity and accurate balancing. 

Product name
Connected Roller Brake Tester

HOFMANN connected roller brake testers for vehicle classes 4, 5, 6 and 7 HGV and PSV. Class 4, 5 and 7 seamlessly integrate with the DVSA MOT Testing System (MTS).

The roller brake tester can additionally benefit from full connectivity to the geogas emissions analyser and decelerometer. This unit is also available in both split and compact configurations.

Product name
geodyna® 980L

Balance truck and commercial vehicle wheels accurately and efficiently with the Hofmann geodyna 980L wheel balancer.

monty® 4250

The monty 4250 heavy-duty tyre changer designed for use with truck, tractor, bus and earthmover wheels of up to 1.5T and with 14in-56in rim diameters**.