The wheel balancer for garages, car dealerships, tire shops and premium workshops with high tire service volume. With touchscreen monitor, automatic non-contact data entry and easyWEIGHT™ pinpoint indicator light – An accurate, fast and easy solution to position adhesive weights on the wheel.

  • Part Number:  EEWB753BEB

  • Productivity Enhancing Features

    • Automatic data entry and selction of balancing mode via scanner and Smart Sonar
    • Automatic spoke detection - automatically detects number and position of rim spokes
    • One-spin balance
    • VPI measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy
  • Intuitive, Ergonomic Design

    • Platinum touchscreen user interface - new resistive touch display with large icons for use with or without gloves on
    • Fast and intuitive selection of the cycle modes: fully automatic with spoke detection, fast automatic without spoke detection and manual mode
    • Patented ergonomic telescopic wheel guard reduces the overall equipment footprint
  • geodata - Equipped with the geodata arm, a unique and patented tool

  • VPM Measurement Technique - Comes with the patented virtual plane measurement (VPM) technique which ensures accurate balancing results, while being insensitive to ambient conditions

  • easyWEIGHT - Pinpoint indicator light - the accurate, fast and easy solution to position adhesive weight on the wheel

  • Power Clamp - The electromechanical power clamp always clamps the wheel accurately and with a constant force

  • Additional Features

    • The patented Wheel Scanner detects wheel diameter and offset as well as the number and position of wheel spokes
    • The extremely short balancing cycle of 4.5 seconds as well as automatic wheel width acquisition via Smart Sonar together with wheel scanner with automatic non-contact wheel profiling make this balancer the ideal solution for high-volume shops
    • The 225mm long shaft allows the use of accessories with every type of wheel
    • The operator only has to touch the amount of unbalance on the screen and the tire is automatically indexed to the correct position
  • EZ-Collets - Mobile app helps service technicians identify the best tools for their wheel balancing jobs. Using the EZ-Collets mobile app, service professionals can select a vehicle to find and compare options for the best collet, flange, or quick plate for the wheel. The app also provides information about the tire and rim for the vehicle.

    The EZ-Collets app is free to download through the Apple and Google stores and requires user email activation.

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EZ-Collets mobile app

EZ-Collets mobile app

The EZ-Collets mobile app makes wheel balancing more efficient.

Automatic Spoke Detection


Scanner automatically detects number and position of rim spokes. Provides easy recall of split weight mode for hidden adhesive weights by simply pressing an icon on the screen.



A tool that allows equipment to be connected to a garage. With the asanetwork all relevant information are made available at every workstation in the shop as all machines are connected to the commercial software.

Smart Sonar™


Automatic, non-contact rim width acquisition delivers greater accuracy and ease of use for a 30% savings in complete process when compared to manual operation.

Rim lighting


Facilitates application of the geodata gauge arm.

Stop In Position


Touch the screen to automatically rotate the wheel to weight application position.

Power Clamp™


Patented automatic Power Clamp electromechanical clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, reducing the opportunity for chasing weight.



Pinpoint laser identifies exact weight placement location for increased accuracy and efficiency.



Touch the rim with the gauge arm to enter the rim dimensions and automatically select the weight balancing mode.

Split weight mode


Hides adhesive weights behind two adjacent spokes so they cannot be seen from the outside.



30% reduced cycle time, less than 4,5 seconds, maintaining the same high accuracy.

Oversize Shaft


The 225 mm length allows the use of stud-hole flanges and other accessories for almost every type of rim.

VPM Technique


Measurement system for high precision and repeatability.

Tech features
Wheel clamping Power clamp
Diameter of shaft 40 mm
Measuring speed < 200 rpm
Balancing accuracy 0.035 oz (1 g)
Angular resolution ± 0,35°
Length of shaft 225 mm
Start/Stop balance time - Check spin (Wheel 195/65R15) 4.5 s
Manual rim diameter range  8" - 32"
Manual offset range  1" - 20"
Manual rim width range 1" - 20"
Semi-automatic rim diameter range  8" - 30"
Semi-automatic rim width range  1" - 20"
Automatic rim diameter range  14" - 26"
Automatic offset range  4.7" - 16.3"
Automatic rim width range  3" - 15.8"
Max. wheel diameter 42" 
Max. wheel weight 154 lbs ( 70 kg)
Motorized Yes
Power Requirements 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz – 1.1A
Dimensions LxWxH (Unit only) 54.3" x 40" x 72.8"
Net Weight 297 lbs (135 kg)