14K open front, four post alignment lifts give you 14,000 lbs of heavy-duty lifting capacity in a compact package with no need for multiple lifts. Whether it is a micro car or a heavy-duty pick-up, the 14K four post alignment lift has four wheel alignment capabilities that cover a full range of vehicle requirements. Industry leading 90" long rear slip plates eliminate time consuming repositioning of front turnplates to accommodate shorter and longer vehicles during four wheel alignment adjustments.

  • Lock & Lighted Model (EELR707A)

    • Increases productivity by locking turnplates and slip plates simultaneously
    • Ensures proper amount of movement in all direction, easing alignment inspection and adjustment
    • Patented lighting system is mounted to the front turnplates and rear slip plates, accommodating varying vehicle track widths
    • Crisp, clean white light reduces eye straining and fatigue
  • Easy Access for Alignment Service and Calibration

    • Open front design allows technicians clear access to suspension, brake and alignment components; making adjustment and repairs simple
    • 22" wide "Pro-Style" runways save time when loading vehicles of any track width
  • Low-Profile Roller Jacks

    • Interchangeable fast fit adapters for brake, tire and alignment services; air over hydraulic controls requiring only 90 - 120 PSI air pressure; high lifting height; no requirement to swing away for storage
  • Rear Slip Plates

    • Maintenance reduced
    • Encapsulated bearing
    • Flush mount
    • 90" long
  • Reinforced Formed Front Steel Columns

    • Dramatically improves column strength
  • Premium Turnplates*

    • Includes lights and locks on the front turnplates and full floating rear slip plates


    *Optional on EELR705A. Standard on EELR707A

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14k Four Post Alignment Lift Brochure
File size : 602.97 Kb
Capacity 6350 Kg
Capacity 14000 lbs
Lifting times 70 s
Lowering times 70 s
Lifting height 74 inch
Lifting height 188 mm
Maximum pad height from floor mm
Maximum pad height from floor inch
Drive-through width inch
Drive-through width mm
Motor Hp
Power supply 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Distance between columns mm
Distance between columns inch
Short arm extraction mm
Short arm extraction inch
Long arm extraction mm
Long arm extraction inch
Minimum ceiling height mm
Minimum ceiling height inch
Minimum concrete thickness mm
Minimum concrete thickness inch
Weight 2200 Kg
Weight 4850 lbs
Width Between Runways 40 inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 70 - 158 inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 188 inch
Console Dimensions DxWxH inch
Air Supply Requirements 90 - 120 Psi
Front Accessibility open
Overall Length 270.625 inch
Service Wheelbase 205 inch
Overall Width 140.5 inch
Column Height inch
Column Width inch
Column Depth inch
Height of Lifting Fork inch
Length of Fork inch
Lifting Capacity Per Column lbs
Lifting Speed 70 s
Load Capacity Per Set of Four Columns lbs
Load Capacity Per Set of Six Columns lbs
Lowered Wheel Fork Height inch
Lowering Speed s
Runway Width 22 inch
Weight per Column lbs
Width of Lifting Fork inch