Designed for use with truck, tractor and OTR wheels of up to 1500 kg and 14" - 56" rim diameter, the Hofmann monty® 4250 is equipped with a unique bead breaker disc for bead breaker forces of up to 33 kN. 

  • Truck tyre changer for truck, utility vehicle and OTR wheels of 14“ – 32“ and up to 56" with optional extensions

  • Electro-hydraulic drive

  • Rugged over-sized chuck

  • Positioning of wheel and tool within a wide accurate adjustment range

  • Infinitely self-centring universal hydraulic chuck

  • Unique bead breaker disc for bead breaker forces of up to 33 kN

  • Bead breaker steel disc mounted on specially hardened bushing is easy to lubricate and ensures long life

  • Sidewise movement of tool holder arm and chuck are hydraulically controlled for quick and convenient operation

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monty® Truck Tyre Changers
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Bead pushing lever.
Bead pushing lever.

To hold bead in the drop centre of the rim during the mounting operation

Long tyre lever
Long tyre lever
Short tyre lever
Short tyre lever

500 mm / 19.7" long

Mounting clamp
Mounting clamp

to help in mounting operations

Jaw protection kit
Jaw protection kit

consisting of:
4 x EAA0408G90A allooy rim protectors
4 x EAC0113G66A Plastic spacers 25mm
4 x EAC0113G67A Plastic spacers 22mm
4 x EAC0113G68A Plastic spacers 19mm
4 x EAC0113G69A Plastic spacers 16.5mm
4 x EAC0094G96A Plastic spacers 5mm

Bead breaker


The bead breaker disc is equipped with a special tilting system in order to increase bead breaking effort and to make sure the bead breaking disc is always in optimum positionrelative to the rim.



The chuck is of solid design to accommodate wheels of up to 1500 kg. A non-return valve prevents the chuck from opening in case of a sudden hydraulic pressure drop.

The mounting clamp


A strong aid

For wheels type Road / Agricolture / Construction
Rim diameter no extensions 14" – 32"
Rim diameter with extensions 32" – 56"
Clamping center bore range 130 - 690 mm
Wheel diametre inch
Wheel diametre 2350 mm
Wheel width 800 mm
Wheel width inch
Max wheel weight working position 1500 Kg
Max wheel weight working position inch
Clamping type Tulip clamp double effect
Clamping axial orientation horizontal
Clamping force 60 kN
Clamping force lbs
Chuck speed 2 Manual switch
Bead breaker type Disk
Bead braking force 33000 N
Bead braking force lbs
Breaking force
Breaking force
Mounting tool type Disk / Tool
Demounting tool type Tilting Disk / Tool
Tools tangential to the rim No
Tool left/right travel Manual 2 positions
Tool rotation Manual w/ lever
Tool positioning Manual
Hydraulic pump flow 6
Hydraulic pressure 160 bar
Carriage, cylinder diameter 55
Carriage, cylinder diameter
Chuck arm, cylinder diameter
Chuck arm, cylinder diameter 70
Integrated wheel lift No
Hydraulic motor 1,5 kW
Chuck motor 1,3 /1 ,8 kW
Power supply 400 VAC 3ph 50Hz
Max footprint dimensions
Max footprint dimensions 2100 x 2100 x 1480 mm
Net weight 760 Kg