Wheel aligners

Wheel aligners

The wheel alignment checks if the geometry angles of the wheels are correct, intervening when necessary. It is a very important check because it prevents uneven tread wear, it guarantees a perfectly straight drive and gives the driver a trusting relation with the steering wheel. 

Thanks to Hofmann wheel alignment professional systems you can rapidly make precise and comprehensive checks on all the geometry angles of the wheels: camber, convergence (also at the maximum steering angle) and incidence. Our wheel alignments are equipped with high resolution cameras and with an extensive database of models, which makes the alignment with the vehicle simple. They also detect the potential combination of tyres of different sizes, a possible reason for inconveniences. The results are shown in 3D through a very intuitive user interface that lets you easily deduce the results of the test. 

The professional Hofmann wheel alignment systems, designed and constructed to guarantee you accurate measurements in real time, bring quality, precision and endurance to your workshop.

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Wireless 3-Camera Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology
Premium Service

Wireless system provides flexible installation, usage and mobility options. Patented digital camera tracking automatically adjusts to the height of the vehicle. With AC400 quick clamps.